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Pregnancy options counselling

Women in a counselling session

There are different types of pregnancy counselling

Some counselling is very brief. Counselling from a doctor might involve having them describe your options to you and supporting you to make your choices. The GPs listed on this site as providing counselling provide this service.

There is also 'therapeutic' counselling, where you can sit and talk to someone for longer and explore in greater detail what you think and feel about a situation. The counselling services listed on this site that offer 'non-directive pregnancy counselling' offer this service.

All the non-directive pregnancy counsellors listed on this site will support you in whatever choice you make and provide referrals to the full range of possible services you may need, including abortion services if that is your choice.


Women’s Health Tasmania can provide interpreter services through TIS. This service is free for all people who need it.  

Non-directive pregnancy options counselling

Pregnancy options counselling should not influence you in any particular direction (that’s what it means to be non-directive). 

A pregnancy options counsellor will not ‘advise’ you on which option you should choose or try to push one option over another. Nobody can know better than you what the best decision is. 

This counselling may be helpful if you are having thoughts like: 

  • I am pregnant and am not sure what I want to do – I don’t know if I want to continue with the pregnancy. 

  • I am feeling pressure from my partner, my family, or my friends on what they think I should do. How can I figure out what I want? 

  • I have had an abortion in the past and want someone safe I can talk to about it. 

  • My partner is abusive, and I feel scared about what to do now that I’m pregnant. 

You can find counsellors who provide pregnancy options counselling here.  

Our pregnancy options counselling 

Women’s Health Tasmania provides a confidential, genuine all-options service. We are pro-choice. This means we fully support you to make choices about continuing or ending your pregnancy.  

We do not ‘advise’ you on which option you should choose or try to push one option over another. Nobody can know better than you what the best decision is. 

Women’s Health Tasmania pregnancy options counsellors have all completed the Australian Psychological Society’s Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling training and will provide a safe place to discuss the many complicated issues and emotions that can arise when you learn you are pregnant. This service is offered statewide over the phone, video call, or face to face at our North Hobart Centre and we will try to ensure your appointment is offered as soon as possible.  

Women’s Health Tasmania can also offer you referrals to other support or medical services, including referrals for abortion, and give you information about abortion procedures, adoption, kinship and alternative care, or parenting resources.  

Preparation for pregnancy, birth and parenting counselling

Pregnancy, childbirth and parenting are life-changing and can bring up many emotions including joy, anxiety, excitement, fear, contentment, exhaustion and confusion.  

Pregnancy, birth and parenting counselling could be useful if you are having thoughts like: 

  • Giving birth to my baby was scary, complicated and I felt I had no control. I need to talk to someone safe about it. 

  • I am pregnant and feel worried because I had a previous miscarriage. 

  • Everyone thinks I should just be happy and grateful I have a beautiful baby. So why don’t I feel happy? 

  • I feel overwhelmed about being a parent and don’t know what to do to make things better. 

  • I’ve decided to have this baby, but I’m scared about how I’m going to cope. 

  • How can my partner and I use psychological tools to prepare for the upcoming birth? 

Our Preparation for pregnancy, birth and parenting counselling 

The psychologist or social worker at Women’s Health Tasmania can offer up to three free sessions of counselling to help you navigate these life transitions.  

People commonly access this counselling to discuss  

  • Infertility 

  • anxiety or fears during pregnancy  

  • miscarriage or pregnancy loss  

  • birth trauma  

  • worries about their role as a parent  

  • psychologically prepare for an upcoming birth  

As with all counselling services at Women’s Health Tasmania, if you need longer term therapy, our counsellors will help you find appropriate services. 

General counselling

You may already have a counsellor or therapist that you would prefer to talk to about your pregnancy options.

Our General counselling service

Women’s Health Tasmania's counselling services aim to support you at times of difficulty or stress.  

We offer short-term counselling (up to three sessions) free of charge.

You can talk to our counsellors about anything. They keep information about you and your problems confidential. They have a lot of experience in providing non-judgmental and kind support.

Our counselling services are available to anyone who identifies as a woman and who lives in Tasmania – over the phone, on a video call, or face to face at our North Hobart centre.

You do not need a referral from your doctor to access this counselling, just call or email to book an appointment.

If you would like longer-term counselling, we can assist you to find a service that meets your needs.


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Other services you can talk to

These services also provide information or counselling about all your pregnancy options:

Family Planning Tasmania (all ages)

Glenorchy: phone 6273 9117

Launceston: phone 6343 4566

Burnie: phone 6431 7692


The Link Youth Health Service (25 years and under): phone 6231 2927

Pulse Youth Health Service (under 25 years): phone 6166 1421